dynamic yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, or power yoga, is a more fast-paced, fluid style of yoga. Synchronized around the sequence of breathing, Vinyasa is an energizing, dance-like flow of movement, which re-energizes, de-toxes and relaxes the mind & body.

Like all styles of yoga, Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits. Physically, sweat expels toxins and re-energizers your body. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.

Unsuitable if you are Pregnant, Or have any serious medical problems

These classes are paid for in 6 weeks block bookings at £36.00 – £6 per class ( to be booked taken in 6 consecutive weeks from the date of your first visit).

Drop in’s are available at £7’s per class

All classes must be booked online via our online booking system click here.